20 October 2021 – Ese Milan Campus, on the occasion of the 100 year anniversary of Gucci, has been invited to the Gucci Circolo Milan, a neighbourhood-centric temporary space where our students had the opportunity to discover the House collections and codes through a unique, multisensory experience.

The journey begins with “Gucci 100” and, in a succession of settings that enhance the aesthetics of the House, ends with the presentation of “The Hacker Project”.  A dreamlike, unexpected, changeable and immersive space that tells with a series of visionary paintings the Aria collection, designed by Alessandro Michele.

Our private tour gave us access to all the spaces of the Circolo: from the Listening Lounge, where you can discover the notes and the artists of reference of the House choosing the vinyl, to the Screening Lounge, will host members of the Gucci community with a calendar of appointments and talks, up to the Tea Room.


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