Tune in TODAY at 20:00 GMT for a Live interview with ESE Founder and President Elio D’Anna, hosted by Inner Fire TV.

The show will be available to watch Live on this page and on the official Inner Fire Youtube Channel.

Elio D’Anna, best-selling author, philosopher, economist, entrepreneur, poet and musician – Elio D’Anna is the Founder and President of the European School of Economics. A music industry pioneer and visionary entrepreneur, Elio’s organizations are world leaders in a wide range of sectors, from education to hospitality, to entertainment to technology. A renowned international speaker for conferences and seminars all over the world, through his Foundation and international philanthropic initiatives, he organizes annual fundraising events aimed at advancing research and expanding access to education for deserving students across the globe. Part of his articles have been collected and organized in the literary work “The school of Gods” was published in 2002 and in the new book entitled “The Technology of the Dreamer”.

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