Visibilia ex invisibilibus - the visible comes from the invisible. It is the story of all the great architectural and artistic works ever made. A free man’s design and building will express his own inner economy. It is what humanity recognizes as objective art, yet it is no more than integrity in action, integrity that manifests, integrity taking form.

Elio D’Anna - ESE Founder and President

We are pleased to share with you our unique philosophy and a view into the work of Ms. Emily Gee, Regional Director, London and South East at Historic England, where she has worked since 2001.

  • Monday, June 14th at 12:50 ( BST)
  • Presentation of The Business of Architecture – Integrity Taking Form summer course
  • featuring a talk by Emily Gee – from 13:00 – 13:30
  • Q&A from 13:30

“We firmly believe that heritage is an intrinsic part of culture: listed buildings are the glorious backdrops to stimulating performances and exhibitions, we uplift our souls by taking in the view from our historic landscapes and visiting historic places of worship, and the admiration of both grand architecture and characterful neighbourhoods are the reasons many flock to our capital.
Celebrating what is special about London fits with Historic England’s mission to champion and protect the historic environment and make sure it is enhanced rather than harmed, for the benefit of all.”

Students enrolling on the course will have a number of targeted visits to sites of interest while collecting impressions that will lead to their understanding of the development of the very rich and diverse urban fabric that makes London what it is today.

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