“Probably none of us will have a job,” Elon Musk stated on the subject of AI while speaking at a recent tech conference. “If you want to do a job as kind of like a hobby, you can do a job,” Musk continued, “but otherwise, AI and the robots will provide any goods and services that you want.”
The CEO’s remarks come amid growing insecurities that Artificial intelligence, robots and automation will soon replace and render obsolete the way that mankind works and produce today.

Elio D’Anna, best-selling author and founder of the European School of Economics, has written extensively about the concept of “joblessness”. His ideas, which challenge the widely accepted notion that the replacement of jobs will lead to a crisis, provide a unique counterpoint and powerful insight into what the future role of humans could be amidst these great societal changes.

“We are rapidly moving towards a not-doing civilization where truth, goodness, beauty and the pursuit of happiness are the pillars of a shining new economically evolved society. The advent of unemployment — of joblessness, will not be considered a time of crisis, depression or condemnation, but a glorious blessing, a conquered freedom finally achieved by man’s inner growth and understanding.”

According to D’Anna, the era of joblessness refers to a future where technology and automation have advanced to the point where traditional jobs are no longer necessary for most people. This would lead to a society where people have more leisure time to pursue creative and meaningful activities, rather than being stuck in unfulfilling jobs simply to earn a living. D’Anna argues that this shift towards joblessness would require a radical rethinking of our societal values and economic systems. Rather than valuing people based on their job titles or incomes, we would need to find new ways to recognize and reward contributions to society.

“What is called ‘work’ today is nothing but dependency. Billions of people depend on a paycheck, a salary, a boss. This is not freedom; this is slavery. Modern man is in chains, and now, paradoxically, he is afraid of losing those chains.”
Students at the European School of Economics, the business school founded by D’Anna with five campuses in Europe and among the most important in the world, learn that wealth is generated when one returns to something original, something innate within each individual. “Everyone has a uniqueness that, when expressed, makes us free and projects us as giants in the world of events. This is true wealth.”.

According to D’Anna true wealth does not come from work but from the awareness of recognizing oneself as the sole creators of everything we see and touch. “The slightest change in your inner being moves mountains and projects yourself as a giant in the world of events.” Is that power within that build financial power in the outer world.

“The new Era of Golden Creative Leisure has just begun! One day a dreaming society will no longer work. A humanity that loves will be rich enough to dream and infinitely rich because it dreams — it will remove the endemic poverty of nations and entire civilisations, and ferry them from eras of war and fear towards peace.”

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