ESE Rome’s newly established partnership with Institut International Saint Dominque (ISD) is one which promises to open the door to a world of opportunities. We take pride in our shared ethos to nurture academic and personal excellence. This is why we believe this alliance is the perfect platform for young students eager for a head start on their career aspirations.

If you are in search for yours, the ESE Summer Programme for the ISD students may just be the perfect fit for you.

What does the ESE and ISD partnership mean for you?

ESE strives to make its recognised educational opportunities in a culture that encourages personal growth to be one that is accessible for more students of an international calibre. Whilst ISD instils versatile educational skills in their students from a young age, ESE looks to expand on their future horizon. With this partnership, ISD students can look to plan their future and make necessary transitions with more ease. This means:

  • ISD students can register for an exclusive ESE Summer Programme at ESE Rome Campus for the academic year 20-21 designed to initiate themselves to International Business Studies, which will be helpful for their future university studies.
  • ISD students can register for in-term online courses in Business during their academic year, so that they can enrich their preparation for Business Studies and get ready for University Business Programmes.
  • ISD students can apply for Bachelor studies at ESE Rome, or any other ESE centre, with an exclusive reduction on the annual tuition fees of 20%


Why is The ESE Summer Programme for you?

 The ESE Summer Programme is our introductory gateway to International Business Studies that is specifically designed to provide young students with an understanding of the business environment and all the key functions within several business sectors. Thanks to ESE’s unique philosophy, the study programmes provide an effective academic progression route to the development of a young student’s personal, academic and professional dream.


The Summer Programme has a 5 weeks duration with a weekly schedule of 2 lessons per week. Upon successfully finishing the course and obtaining the course certificate, students will have a good understanding of the business environment and a clearer idea for their studies after their High School diploma. This course also enables students to gain access to an introductory overview on a level 4 undergraduate (Bachelor) degree both at the European School of Economics or other universities.


Key features of The Summer Programme

  • Study in English in an international context
  • 4-hours per week compulsory classroom attendance for the duration of 5 weeks
  • compact class size which enable faculty to provide the individual attention needed to help students discover their special skills and succeed in their chosen pathway
  • possibility to attend additional workshops, guest lectures, company visits
  • exposure to valuable industry contacts and potential employers
  • additional preparation for the internship experience workshop with ESE’s Internship & Career Services Department, to provide students with an overview of the opportunities for young students studying business in the Bachelor


Make the ESE/ISD partnership the one for you

The ESE institute flourishes on the core objective to guide its students towards self-discovery and a realisation of their innate potential. We believe that with such a partnership, young students can look to experience a fun and diverse learning culture that inspires a mindset of expansive possibilities.


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