On the occasion of Florence’s Fashion Week Pitti Uomo 2024 (Pitti Immagine), ESE Florence hosted a stunning event on Tuesday 11th June: ESE Florence’s partners Aria Art Gallery and fashion, PR and event manager Cristina Egger organised the opening exhibition of the artist, Sossio Mosca’s (Sossio Art) new project, entitled ‘Self Transformism’, showcasing his new collection of textile creations.
The evening was graced by the world’s leading fashion journalist Suzy Menkes, known for her work at Vogue International, adding an extra touch of prestige, and elevated by a vibrant DJ set from Alessandro Egger, creating an unforgettable atmosphere.

The European School of Economics, set in the historic building Palazzo Rosselli del Turco in the heart of Florence, provided a perfect backdrop with its beautiful spaces and the collaboration with Aria Art Gallery highlighted ESE’s commitment to contemporary art. Sossio’s innovative artworks and foulards explored the concept of self knowledge, captivating attendees and sparking deep conversations relating to ESE’s unique philosophy. The event showcased the ESE Florence Business School as a hub of creativity and intellectual exchange, reaffirming Florence’s legacy as a centre of artistic innovation and personal growth.

The masterpiece of your very dreaming is you... The outer world is only a faded shadow of your inner creativity, a very pale manifestation of your uniqueness

Elio D'Anna, ESE Founder and President

The evening was truly a memorable blend of art, fashion and discourse, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.