ESE Florence’s Business Law professor Michele Capecchi invited Chiara Tondini, Manager at The Florence International Mediation Chamber, for a guest lecture at ESE Florence last Friday. Chiara Tondini addressed the topic of ‘Alternative Dispute Resolution’ in light of international mediation.

As commercial dealings and interpersonal relations have developed into new global dimensions, dispute resolution and mediation has become more significant than ever before. The Florence Chamber of Commerce therefore decided to offer its decades of experience in mediation and dispute resolution to individuals and companies that operate in an increasingly global market by creating The Florence International Mediation Chamber (FIMC). FIMC offers international mediation services to those who choose Florence as the site for the resolution of all current and future disputes.

‘Mediation is the simplest among dispute resolution tools. There are no binding procedures. The only goal is finding a satisfying agreement for all parties. In comparison with trial and other structured systems, the advantages of mediation in terms of readiness and cost are immense. The parties involved create their own solution to their dispute, however they cannot do this alone. They require the assistance of a third, neutral and impartial party, who must be appropriately experienced and prepared.’

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