“You do not need to have a fashion degree to run a fashion business, but you need to know all about marketing, and you need to have computer skills. You need to be creative and innovative. Be a trend setter or better even: a trend forecaster.”

Regina Schrecker


During our webinar aptly titled ‘Fashion Evolution’, Regina Schrecker shared her transition from ‘object’ to ‘subject’. An interesting journey that led to the creation of her successful self-named brand, Regina Schrecker. Her brand embodies the “total brand experience”, going from haute couture to women and men’s ready-to-wear, bridal and costume design, as well as accessories and beauty.

In order to pass the test of time, it is important to create a strong brand and brand message.”

The model turned fashion designer imparted her story and her professional insights on the evolving world of fashion. There is undeniable passion at the essence of her creativity. Yet, she equally acknowledged the pressing challenges facing her brand like many others amidst the world’s greatest time of uncertainty.

Whilst the effect of this pandemic has been a truly devastating one on the fashion industry, Regina voiced how this global crisis has compelled major brands to reflect, re-evaluate and innovate, “There will be no going back to normal, but a creation of a new normal.” The creative artist forecasted this to be an inevitable prompt for change to the unsustainable consumer demand as well as the global fashion calendar. In fact, it is a change already in motion with epitomes brands opting out of upcoming major fashion weeks. They plan to launch future collections on a timeline most suited to their specific brand.

Regina’s invaluable experience shines through as she shares the necessity of appreciating ethics and principle from both a business and millennial consumer perspective. She urged that businesses need to be “more conscious about big problems such as the environment, pollution, healthcare, poverty, racism, sexual identities and new family models”. Which is why she foresees changes to the ‘Pronto Moda’ business where production will be smaller, and collections will be less seasonally dependent encouraging longevity.

“Trends and seasons last shorter, bringing an exhaust in innovation and copies”.

As we look to the future, the multi-faceted designer also highlighted the trend of vintage and archive pieces to be the new fashion luxury, reinforcing the expression of exclusivity. An element that undoubtedly continues to be a long-standing pillar of the luxury industry.

Our webinar with Regina Schrecker offered us a captivating glimpse into her story and the making of a brand that stands true to the authenticity of ‘Made in Italy’. She is a visionary who values lessons from the challenges as she harnesses passion to design for the future. She has always strived to challenge the expression of conformity, making way for innovation through her creativity. Though times are uncertain, let this be inspiration for the essentials needed to design for a brighter future where change can only encourage promising innovation.

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