About the Project

The European School of Economics, a private Business School with campuses in London, Madrid, Rome, Milan and Florence, as part of the combination of sport and university education, has given life to an innovative project in the sports sector: the creation of an economics faculty in sports management with the mission of preparing a new generation of international leaders and managers capable of facing and overcoming the great challenges of the sports industry. The project, born 20 years ago, is now reinterpreted through the Sport – Dual Career Project following the signing of an agreement with CONI which provides for the provision of total and partial scholarships for athletes and executives registered with CONI. . The Sport – Dual Career Project is a training course, characterized by tailor-made programs, dedicated to the athlete who aims to closely assist, with dedicated tutors, every sports champion (and aspiring one) in successfully achieving University studies. A project that highlights the importance of duality in the sports career through an awareness program and meetings with experts in the sports sector to bring more and more athletes closer to the choice of undertaking a course of study. The program offers athletes two path options: a three-year Bachelor in Sports Management in English validated by the University of Richmond and a short course, lasting 3 months with an optional internship. In both cases, the courses follow a methodology capable of balancing the sport-study commitment and guarantee an international degree.


Department of Sports Science

The first Department of Sports Sciences in Italy is born: a prominent observatory of the European School of Economics.

The Department of Sports Science is the natural evolution of the Project Sport – Dual Career born in ESE at the beginning of 2022 in agreement with CONI, aimed at preparing a new generation of international leaders and managers able to face and overcome the big challenges of the global sports industry.

There are two main activities of the Department: Education and Research.

The Education wants to focus on the importance of balancing sports passion with the need to obtain a degree that can be spent in the labor market of the future.
For this purpose, it aims to assist closely, with flexible programs and dedicated tutors, every champion, technical, and sports professional to successfully complete the educational programs of various kinds: from Bachelor’s in English to the Short Courses in Sports Management, in English and Italian.
In both cases, the courses follow a methodology capable of satisfying the sport-study commitment and allow, thanks to the curricular internships included in the path and the validity of the international degree obtained, the immediate insertion into the work world.

The Research is aimed at the investigation, collection, analysis, and evaluation of data related to training in the sports world on a national and international scale, an area to date little explored.

The main activities in the program will include:

  • research and data collection on academic education in the world of sport
  • the preparation and publication of half-yearly reports with research results
  • the promotion of activities for the dissemination of academic-sports culture
  • the organization of events, open days, and training meetings in collaboration with the Sports Federations
  • the realization of agreements and partnerships to support the project


The Scientific Committee of the Department is composed of experts in various fields, united by the common goal of becoming the landmark for Duel Career in Italy:

Giovanni Esposito



Antonio De Lucia




Mario Savo




Elena Pantaleo




Stefano Bastianon



In this regard, a Round Table dedicated to the Dual Career Project will be held in 2023, to discuss the study-sport balance and the possible paths to follow for athletes as future professionals in the work world. The protagonists of the event will be, in addition to the experts who are part of the Committee, the managers, technicians, managers, and athletes belonging to the various Federations.

The event will be the first step of the observation and diffusion of the Dual Career Project promoted internally by the Department of Sports Science of the European School of Economics.

The Programmes


Thanks to the agreement with CONI and the direct relationship with the national federations, the European School of Economics makes a number of scholarships available to athletes per federation.

In details:
30% reduction on the annual tuition fee reserved for all CONI athletes
50% reduction on the annual tuition fee reserved for two selected CONI athletes
100% reduction on the annual tuition fee reserved for three selected CONI athletes