We have the honour of sharing our recent publication in Forbes Italy. Our school prides itself on the vision and philosophy instilled by the school’s founder, Elio D’Anna. A vision we strive to integrate into the learning of all our students, and one which recognises our business school as one in preparation for the future.

The following article was translated from the original Italian article:

“I dreamed a school that believes that happiness is economics, that teaches that the ‘dream’ is the most real thing there is, that only a man capable of dreaming can create wealth. A school where a new generation of leaders can learn that economics is the art of dreaming “.

It is the manifesto of the economist, philosopher and artist Elio D’Anna, founder of the European School of Economics. In the last thirty years the institution has followed the dream of a revolutionary educational model, a school of Being able to overturn the traditional educational system, cultivating the art of dreaming: “A school oriented to the individual, which prepares philosophers of action, capable of nourishing the dream of a global economy and a policy of global responsibility, aware that one’s own improvement is a condition of all progress in society ”, D’Anna tells us.

And again: “The European School of Economics is a business school that prepares pragmatic dreamers, visionary men capable of giving substance to the impossible, capable of creating wealth and supporting it. Because Happiness is Economy: only happy men can create a stable and prosperous society ”. This is in the vision of the business school the preparation of the future: a “second education” that does not teach traditionally, but reminds students of their uniqueness, the creativity that will allow them to govern themselves first and then the world around them.

The ESE follows the principle “Small Classes, Big Care”: it takes care of each individual student through a path of personal growth, an individual revolution that is able to “bring out” (exduco – educate) from each individual their own uniqueness, reinventing the rules of the economy towards a more sustainable future.

ESE programs are designed to amplify the potential of students through specific modules and various learning activities, exploring the themes of happiness, creative idleness and the Inner economy. The learning model does not stop at a simple academic preparation in the principles of economics, management, marketing or finance: the goal of ESE is the development of the “Inner Being”, to take care of oneself, of others, of whole world and the future. In this view, there is no human conquest, be it economic, social or scientific, that has not been preceded by an interior conquest. And in the same way a nation’s scientific knowledge, as well as its well-being and the maturity of its institutions are a reflection of its level of consciousness, its ideas and the richness of its values, the strength and nature of its beliefs.

The main pillars of ESE are based on these assumptions: study programs entirely in English validated by the University of Chichester (UK); the opportunity to take advantage of an extraordinary international intra-campus experience (six centers to choose from: Milan, Florence, Rome, Madrid, London and New York); an international Faculty made up of entrepreneurs and professionals from various sectors; and again, curricular internships in leading global companies, which accompany the student to the world of work, anticipating their placement.

In 2020, an innovative internship project called “Smart Internship” was launched, born from the impossibility of being able to carry out the traditional internship due to the recent health crisis. Smart Internship connects each student with their company tutor through virtual meetings, with the aim of developing a shared project, coordinated by the ESE Internship office. All this allows the student to develop organizational autonomy and time management skills, guaranteeing the company the creative contribution of ESE students.

Another innovative project, which well represents the School’s motto “visibilia ex invisibilibus” (true knowledge comes from within) is ExDuco: an opportunity for ESE students to show their talents and share knowledge and skills with their peers, becoming teachers for a day.

These pillars, on which ESE’s education method has been based from the beginning, are, at this very specific moment, fundamental to continue to guarantee high quality education, together with the guarantee of safety and health of all students. in each center.

Being a private business school, the European School of Economics guarantees a maximum number of 12 students per class. We are therefore able to meet all the rules of social distancing, thus giving all our students the opportunity to enter a totally safe environment.

Students are always assisted by the Student Affairs department, which provides individual, attentive and constant support. The international atmosphere that reigns in the Campus and the many extra-academic activities organized and coordinated by the various departments enrich the path, making it unique in its kind and with great experiential value.

Read the original article in Italian here.

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